Strensall A Range Stop Butt Reparations

Project Information

This was a unique project carried out for the Ministry of Defence in which the old stop butt for the firing range was repaired and rejuvenated.

The works consisted of initially removing the derelict pre war installed stop butt which consisted of timber fencing and sand and then the thousands of tonnes of spoil from the top of the stop butt. Once this was achieved it was required to install tensar ground reinforcement at 300mm intervals whilst building the stop butt back up to height whilst maintaining the specific required angle along the entire length.

Once the stop butt was built back up to height we were then required to install and fill Hesco baskets along its entire length and face the baskets with a sleeper wall.

The difficult circumstances of having to carry out the works on top of the stop butt and the machinery / manpower required whilst working adjacent to an area of Special Scientific Interest was a challenge but one we were happy to overcome.

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